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Top 5 Career Benefits From Studying A Certificate IV In Training And Assessment

  1. Get Ahead In Your Current Role
    There is a common belief that the most beneficial recipients of a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment are those seeking to work specifically as Trainers within RTO’s or TAFE’s, however this statement overlooks one important factor… The most widely used practical skills learned within the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment are commonly used in every single workplace. When it comes to promoting from within employers are no longer just looking for experience, they are looking for practical skills and qualifications that are proven, measurable and transferable. This qualification and the skills gained could arguably be the one deciding factor in your next promotion.
  2. Be Professionally Advantageous
    Almost a third of all new jobs created in the next 5 years will be within the Professional field. When thinking of professional jobs, almost all of them involve working with other people and some aspect of training, while almost every supervisory or management position requires some element of assessment. By gaining these practical skills in training and assessing you will be adding evidentiary experience to your CV and leading the way for your future ahead.
  3. Don’t Put Yourself In A Box
    In studying a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment you will learn practical skills that are highly transferable across many different roles and many different industries. Almost every job you do will benefit from you having the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Having the versatility of a learned skillset like training and assessing will open more opportunities and give you more control of your career and your future by making you a more desirable and hireable candidate across multiple industries and professions.
  4. Plan Ahead For Your Future
    12 out of every 100 Australian’s are facing an uncertain future of employment. With the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment providing you with a highly transferable range of skills, you will be more adaptable to be able to work across more industries and therefore more jobs will be available to you. From almost any background you will be able to use your previous experience and your new qualification to teach the practical skills of your industry to a new generation of workers.
  5. Share Your Experience
    They say the only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. Getting qualified as a Trainer and Assessor opens the door for you to become a Trainer at a TAFE or RTO where you will be able to take your many years of first-hand experience in your industry and with your newfound skills, teach it to the next generation of workers. This is a popular option for many labour workers who find far more enjoyment spending their later working years in a more secure and more comfortable environment such as a classroom over a job site. We can’t think of a more fulfilling way to ease into retirement!

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