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Top 5 Resume Skills For Childcare Workers

When it comes to childcare, the biggest thing potential employers want to know is how great you are at doing your job. The best way to provide this information on a resume is to highlight that you have not only the right experience and qualifications, but the right skills. See below for our top 5 skills to highlight on a Childcare Worker resume.

  1. Excellent Communication And Listening
    It is important for you to maintain age-appropriate communication skills for children of a variety of ages and learning abilities. The best way to do this is to ensure you are actively listening and paying attention to what a child is saying. By doing this you are building trust and showing your care toward the child. You will also be communicating regularly with parents about their child’s needs, problems, and achievements. Ensure your communication and active listening skills are well highlighted on your resume.
  2. Self-Control And Patience
    Children can be challenging to deal with. Parents want to know that the person caring for their child will maintain control of any situation with a level head and understanding. Good childcare providers have mindful control over their words and actions when talking to children.
  3. Compassion
    Further to the above, it is important to highlight that you are compassionate. Compassion will help you deal with upset children in a kind and caring manner. Children have an abundance of emotions and can radically change their behaviour from one moment to the next. They are likely to get frustrated easily and rely on calm and collected responses from their caretakers when required.
  4. Energy And Perseverance
    Children are incredibly active and require a caretaker who can match their energy. Whether it’s cleaning up after them, or running around after them as you play, there are many physical aspects to working in childcare. Childcare workers may need to crouch down to talk to or play with a child or they may need to lift or carry a child. It’s important to highlight physical fitness, energy, and perseverance within your skills for Childcare.
  5. Nutritional Knowledge And Hygiene
    There’s a very likely chance in any caretaker role you will be either preparing or serving food to children. As young children are highly susceptible to germs and bacteria it is important you are promoting and maintaining high standards of hygiene for both yourself and the child. You will need to understand and accommodate any allergies and food preferences of the child and parent while ensuring food being served is well-balanced and nutritious.

If you can actively highlight these skills on your resume, along with your Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, or your Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, and some hands-on experience caring for children such as volunteering or nannying, you should have no problem securing employment as a Childcare Worker. Contact us today to learn more about our Early Childhood Education and Care courses and take the next step towards your future as a Childcare Worker.

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