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Our Staff

Alana Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

Alana Anderson, the visionary force behind Alana Kaye College, is a dynamic educator, entrepreneur, and advocate for transformative education. With a passion for empowering individuals through knowledge and skills, Alana has dedicated her career to redefining the landscape of education.

Alana’s educational philosophy is grounded in the belief that education should be a transformative experience, empowering individuals to reach their full potential and make meaningful contributions to society. With this vision in mind, she founded Alana Kaye College, an institution committed to providing innovative, personalised, and industry-relevant education to students from diverse backgrounds both onshore and offshore.

Under Alana’s leadership, Alana Kaye College has become a beacon of excellence in the field of education, known for its unwavering commitment to student success. Through a combination of hands-on learning experiences, interdisciplinary approaches, and close mentorship, the college equips students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Beyond her role as the founder of Alana Kaye College, Alana is a tireless advocate for educational equity and access. She works tirelessly to break down barriers to education, ensuring that all individuals have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and unlock their potential.

With her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence, Alana continues to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and changemakers through education.

Alana’s experience includes being a former Director on the National Board of the Independent Tertiary Education Council of Australia (ITECA) the peak body for independent private providers in Australia and the former Chair of the Northern Territory ITECA Committee. Her experience is supported by her Master of Education (Leadership and Management), Med (L’ship@M’ment) and her Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education (B.AVE)

Marcus Thomson

General Manager

Marcus is our General Manager responsible for the overall daily operations of the College and has been with Alana Kaye College since its inception in 2011. Previous to this position he was our National Training Manager for over six years. Marcus commenced his training careers many years ago when he began his first work experience job supporting corporate groups in their team training endeavours in the pursuit of a Total Quality management philosophy.

He then began work with a Corporate Training Company in South Australia. He worked closely with schools and underprivileged children providing training and adventurous pursuits, including abseiling, navigational exercises, canoeing and rafting experiences.

Marcus’ extensive experience is supported by his qualifications in Training and Assessment, Leadership and Management, Work Health and Safety, Security and Risk Management and he has completed his Diploma of Vocational Education and Training, Diploma of Training Design and Development and his Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management.

David Thomson

Manager International Operations

David joined us as our Operations Manager, initially responsible for implementing our capability in the security field and associated advanced technologies. David has since moved into the role of Manager International Operations, responsible for building relationships in all areas of International associations and business growth.

His background is extensive with over 20 years policing experience with both the Northern Territory Police and the Australian Federal Police (AFP). In his position with the AFP he held the dual rank of Federal Agent and Detective Leading Senior Constable and has experience both nationally and internationally.

David has a significant background in investigations, along with experience in both overt and covert methodologies. He has been the recipient of numerous medals and awards for his service, including Australia Day Achievement Medallion, Australian Federal Police Service Medal, National Police Service Medal, Commissioners Certificate, National Medal and AFP Operations Medal with several bars. David is a skilled communicator with extensive experience in management and leadership, training, coaching and mentoring. He is also skilled in the production and dissemination of intelligence and evidence and conducting high-level investigations across various crime types.

This vast experience is supported by his qualifications and training in Security Operations, Leadership and Management (Advanced Diploma), Diploma of Public Safety (Policing), Advanced Human Source Management, Counter Surveillance, National Surveillance and Remote Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) qualified and licensed. David is a champion of learning and empowerment of team members through leadership, management, motivation and mentoring in both high stress and challenging scenarios.

Catherine Beagley

National Training Manager

Catherine Beagley, an esteemed figure within the halls of Alana Kaye College, is a dedicated educator, mentor, and innovator in the field of VET education. With a wealth of experience and a passion for empowering students, Catherine has played a pivotal role in shaping the academic and cultural landscape of the institution.

As a long standing member of the Alana Kaye team, Catherine has distinguished herself through her unwavering dedication to student success and her innovative approach to training and learning. Her dynamic teaching style, characterised by a blend of passion, rigor, and creativity, has earned her the admiration and respect of both colleagues and students alike.

Beyond the classroom, Catherine is a mentor and leader, offering invaluable support and guidance to students as they navigate their academic and professional journeys. Her genuine care for the well-being and development of her students has made her a trusted confidante and role model, inspiring countless individuals to reach for the stars and pursue their dreams.

In addition to her role as an educator and mentor, Catherine is also a trailblazer in the field of educational innovation, constantly seeking out new ways to enhance the student experience and promote academic excellence. Whether through the implementation of cutting-edge teaching methodologies or the development of innovative curriculum initiatives, she remains at the forefront of educational advancement, shaping the future of learning at Alana Kaye College and beyond.

With her unwavering commitment to excellence, her passion for learning, and her dedication to empowering students, Catherine embodies the values and ideals of Alana Kaye College, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who have the privilege of learning from her.

Catherine has numerous vocational qualifications including the Diploma of Training Design and Development, Diploma of Quality Auditing and the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management and is currently undertaking the Graduate Diploma of Management.

Bob Dever

Academic Manager - ELICOS

With over two decades of dedicated service in the international education industry, Bob brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. Throughout his career, he has had the privilege of working with students, educators, and institutions from around the globe, facilitating opportunities for academic and cultural exchange.

Having lived on the Gold Coast in Queensland for nearly his entire life, he has been immersed in its vibrant community and diverse culture. Growing up in such a dynamic environment has instilled in him a deep appreciation for multiculturalism and a curiosity about the world beyond his doorstep.

Bob’s extensive experience in the international education sector spans various facets, including student recruitment, program development, cross-cultural communication, and strategic partnerships. He possesses a keen understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by both international students and educational institutions, enabling him to provide tailored solutions that foster success and growth.

Bob’s mission is to empower students to pursue their academic aspirations and become global citizens equipped to thrive in an interconnected world. Through personalized guidance, advocacy, and mentorship, he aims to facilitate meaningful educational experiences that transcend boundaries and inspire lifelong learning.

Bob’s extensive experience, global perspective, and passion for international education positions him as a dedicated advocate and resource for students, educators, and institutions alike. He is committed to making a meaningful impact in the lives of those he serves and shaping a brighter future through the power of education.

Arvin Alcantara

Country Manager - Alana Kaye International

Arvin is the Country Manager of Alana Kaye International, stationed in Makati City, Philippines. He has over 19 years of professional experience in the education sector, which includes his work with Government and Private Schools in the Philippines in varying capacities. Prior to Joining Alana Kaye International, he was the Country Manager of a Private School Group in the Philippines which focuses on K-12 Curriculum.

His knowledge in the education sector and his experience in leadership and management make him an ideal Country Manager for the Philippines, where he will guide and lead the operation to continuous and steady growth. It is envisaged that he will also help AKC in growth of International Students from all around the world.

Arvin’s qualification includes his years of experience teaching Primary, Secondary (Domestic and International), Undergraduate, and Graduate School, as well as managing schools (Public and Private) as the School Principal and as the Country Manager. He is a Licensed Professional Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Teaching. He is still pursuing his Doctor of Education specialising in Educational Management.

Megan Johnston

RTO Branch Manager - Northern Territory

Megan has worked in the RTO industry for over five years, within multiple RTO’s in multiple positions such as Administrative Assistant, Campus Coordinator, and Training Support Coordinator and has now taken on the position of Branch Manager in our Northern Territory Campus . She is a strong leader of this team and an excellent support for both staff and students.

In 2019 she was a finalist for the GTNT trainee of the year award and was awarded an ‘Individually Tailored Personal Development Program’ from Biznorth.

During her years working in the RTO industry, she has successfully completed two business apprenticeships and well as her Certificate II in Retail Services, Certificate III in Business, Certificate IV in Business Administration, and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Diploma of Leadership and Management and Diploma of Training Design and Development.

Maria Cowell

International Partnerships Administrator

Maria is our International Partnerships Administrator located in our Gold Coast Campus and we are very happy to have her on board. She comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the international student space and is an experienced customer service and public relations operator.

She has over 10 years experience in client services roles in a range of industries including academia, communications, student support and hospitality and holds a Bachelor in Journalism, a Diploma of Business and she is currently enrolled in TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Maria started her journey in Australia on a working holiday from Chile in South America and then commenced as an international student in the Gold Coast in Queensland. She is now a proud Australian Citizen and, as a consequence of this, has an excellent understanding of the Australian student journey. Outside of her work Maria also loves reading, travelling and engaging in the many outdoor activities that Australia has to offer.

She has come on board at an exciting time in both the vocational industry in Australia, the international student space and Alana Kaye College and is looking forward to providing advice to potential and existing students throughout their journeys and to liaise with our key partners.

Brooke Lyons

Course and Field Placement Coordinator

Brooke joined the administration team at our Darwin Campus and has now worked her way up to the position of Course and Field Placement Coordinator. An integral part of the team, Brooke not only assists all our Darwin students with finding and securing work placements she also coordinates all our training and timetables for face-to-face classes within our Darwin campus and across the Northern Territory working closely with business and our trainers to deliver face to face training wherever they are located.

Brooke is currently completing her Certificate III in Business and endeavors to complete her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to further grow her knowledge and skills in the RTO industry.


Training Coordinator - Gold Coast

MK has joined our Gold Coast team as a Training Coordinator and comes to us with over five years in the International Education industry in roles covering course coordination and compliance.

MK originally came to Australia on a working holiday from Korea in 2012 and then became an international student herself. She has studied Certificate IV in TESOL, Diploma of Business, and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics. After completing her studies in Australia, MK moved to China for work before once again returning to Australia. As a previous international student and having worked in many different countries, she is well suited to support our student base as well as speaking Korean, English and Japanese.

Skye Dawson

Administration Assistant - Darwin

Skye has recently joined the Alana Kaye College team in the Darwin Campus as their Receptionist/Administration Assistant.

Skye is responsible for student enquiries and the administrative support for Alana Kaye College. Skye has previously completed her certificate II in Retail Cosmetics and is currently working towards the completion of her BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business to further develop her knowledge and skills in the administration industry.

Stephanie Sy

Curriculum Developer & Admission Officer

Steph is our Curriculum Developer and Admissions Officer for International enrolments. She has over five years of experience in the education industry, wherein the first three involved teaching senior high school students various English subjects, such as literature and professional written communication. She had then spent the previous two years in an organisation that produces training materials for Australian RTOs, wherein she was employed as a quality assurance officer before becoming a trainer for that role. 


Currently, she is pursuing her Masters of Literary and Cultural Studies, but is also seeking to learn more about education, training and assessment. 

Ricsha Peralta

Sales Coordinator

Ricsha is our Sales Coordinator for Alana Kaye International. She has sales experience and is a former brand ambassador as her first full-time job for international charities namely UNICEF Philippines and Operation Smile Philippines for more than a year. She also worked in a franchising company wherein she was under the Franchise Relations Department monitoring the sales and performance of outlets and process price increase requests. Her role before joining Alana Kaye was working with a global NGO that is providing programs to learners from primary to college level about Financial Literacy, Work-readiness, and Entrepreneurship.

In her previous job, Ricsha was the former Chairperson of the Secondary level and handles work immersion of their partner schools.

Kristal Formanes

Administrative Assistant

Kristal is multi-disciplined, specialising in visual identity design, marketing and editorial design, and digital illustrations. She started professionally designing in 2010, while working as a civil engineer. She has then further mastered the craft, and has been helping Alana Kaye College achieve marketing success by providing effective graphic design solutions. She is responsible for our branding and material design and helps and supports with administrative tasks as required.

Ross Lindsay

Trainer and Assessor (Training and Assessment and Project Management)

Ross has been with Alana Kaye College as our TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment trainer and assessor for over eighteen months and has extensive experience in the Vocational Training Sector. His training style is very interactive and inclusive and he spends considerable time with his students to help them through their studies. He specialises mainly in our training and assessment and project management qualifications.

Ross’s experience is supported by his qualifications in Diploma of Training Design and Development and the Diploma of Project Management.

Laura Ortiz

Trainer and Assessor (Individual Support, Ageing Support and Community Services)

Laura Ortiz is an experienced Collage Trainer who specialises in Certificate III in Individual Support, Certificate IV in Ageing Support and Diploma of Community Services. Originally from Colombia, Laura graduated from medical school in 2013 and has more than five years of experience working as a GP before moving to Australia in 2018. Since then, Laura has been actively involved in the Australian health sector with a focus on Aged Care and Community Services.

With Laura’s extensive background in medicine and healthcare, they bring a unique perspective to her role as a Trainer and Assessor. She has a passion for helping students gain practical skills and knowledge they can apply in real-world situations. Her goal is to provide a supportive learning environment that encourages growth and success for all students.

If you are willing to start your carrier in Australian’s health sector, Laura is an excellent resource for your training needs. She is dedicated to helping students achieve their professional goals and make a meaningful impact in the healthcare sector.

Kim Theyers

Trainer and Assessor (Early Childhood Education and Care)

Kim has been working in the Early Childhood sector for 27 years, 10 of those years as a Trainer and Assessor. 

Kim has worked in various Early Childhood settings, primarily as a Diploma qualified Assistant Director, Director and as a Home-based Educator.  She holds a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, Diploma of School Aged Education and Care, as well as the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

As a Trainer and Assessor, Kim acknowledges the value of continuous improvement, and reminds her students that learning does not stop on the day they complete their training – learning is a lifelong process.  Her commitment to her students is exemplary as she continually works hard to offer provocation, motivation and delivers high quality teaching and support.   Kim adapts her teaching mythology depending on the needs of her students, her approach is actively led by meeting the needs of the individual learner.

Kim demonstrates that she is passionate about VET, training and is committed to ensuring that her students are both job ready and/or prepared for further study.

Rhea Eugene

Trainer and Assessor (Community Services)

Rhea has been working in the Community care sector for many years and has worked closely with people in need for over 15 years. She has extensive experience working with the assessment of mental illness, ageing support, Alcohol and Other Drugs and has provided counselling, emotional support, referrals and case management throughout her working career. Rhea’s feedback from her students is excellent and she supports her students through their learning experience with sound advice and practical applications wherever possible.

Rhea’s experience in this sector is supported by her Master of Social Work with specialisation in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work and her Bachelors in Rehabilitation Science gained overseas at the Stella Maris College and the Holy Cross College.

Victor Gazen De Mesquita

Trainer and Assessor (Leadership & Management)

Our teacher for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management, as well as First Aid, is also a former international student from Brazil with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has been living abroad for almost 15 years.

Victor’s background is in the fitness industry, where he worked as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Center Manager for over 14 years, both in Brazil and Australia. His leadership skills led him to become a Vocational Teacher in 2018, lecturing in Fitness, Sports, and First Aid courses.

Victor loves motivating students to achieve anything they wish and constantly illustrates his lectures with stories of how he became an Australian citizen by studying the courses that he currently teaches.

In his spare time, Victor loves surfing, spending time with his wife and daughter (you might see them around with him on campus) while he studies for a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology.

Dr Terry Houguet-Pincham

Trainer and Assessor (Leadership & Management)

Dr Terry is an award-winning senior executive with a wealth of leadership and management experience in the corporate finance, manufacturing, health and for-purpose sectors.  His leadership and management experience in the health and for-purpose sector has seen Dr Terry work to improve the wellbeing of multiple target populations including people with intellectual impairment, physical disability, Indigenous peoples, mental illness, and the aged. Dr Terry has also worked in the sexual health and criminal justice sectors.

Moreover, Dr Terry has served as an elected representative in local government and has held numerous community and public sector leadership positions ranging from the Borad of the Australian Organisation for Quality to the Board of the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission.

Dr Terry’s leadership and management experience is supported by his Graduate Certificate of Disabilities Studies, Master of Human Service 1st Class Honours, Master of Gestalt Therapy, Diploma of Fundraising Management, Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance, Diploma of Project Managements, Graduate Certificate of International Business.  Dr Terry also holds a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management, Master of Management (Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Business Administration, Master of Master of Commerce (Leadership), and the Master of Professional Accounting.  Furthermore, Dr Terry is completing the Master of Social and OrganisationalLeadership (Change Facilitation) and his research interests involve investigating the barriers to demographic diversity in the boardroom.  Dr Terry is Chartered Secretary and a member of the Governance Institute of Australia.

In his role as a Trainer and Assessor at Alana Kaye College, Dr Terry puts the students first. In the classroom, Dr Terry uses the continuous improvement process as he adapts his practice to the individual learner, to assist and support each student in their learning. Dr Terry strives to deliver a high-quality interactive and inclusive service to all students in the leadership and management discipline, to complement the valuable work undertaken at Alana Kaye College.

Kerry Gray

Trainer and Assessor (Individual Support)

Kerry Gray has a strong background in Community Services and the Disability sector. Kerry has completed the following qualifications, Certificate III in Individual Support, Certificate IV in Disability, Certificate IV in Community Services, Certificate IV in Education Support, and her Diploma of Community Services. Kerry has her certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification and has been training in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Kerry has an extensive working background within the Education, Disability and Community Services industry, including job roles such as program coordinator.  

Kerry’s passion for Education and Training has seen her career move into the VET field as a trainer and assessor. She has excelled in this field. She is currently delivering CHC33015, CHC52015 and first aid to students in the Northern Territory. 

Monica Arcoya

Trainer and Assessor (Building and Construction)

Monica is an esteemed trainer and mentor with a wealth of expertise garnered over a decade within the dynamic construction industry. Her track record spans high-value projects ranging from $80 to $100 million across the United Kingdom, Australia, and Spain.

Having earned a Diploma Graduate in Construction in Spain, Monica’s career has predominantly unfolded in the bustling hubs of Sydney CBD and central London. Here, she masterfully navigated managing the challenging logistical issues, coordinating complex luxury designs and leading multidisciplinary teams.

Rooted in her robust background in site management and engineering, Monica’s proficiencies encompass the execution of refurbishment and fit-out initiatives across diverse sectors, including commercial, healthcare, and residential domains. Her forte lies in crafting comprehensive design and project management strategies that foster unity and cohesion.

Monica holds certifications as a trainer, assessor, coach, and mentor. Her mission is to kindle motivation, inspire innovation, and empower leaders within the construction and project management’s industry, all while championing sustainability, efficiency, and the successful delivery of projects.

Florence Panteli

Trainer and Assessor (Early Childhood Education and Care)

With over 18 years of experience in the early childhood education sector, Florence is a dedicated and driven professional. Her continued motivation for ongoing learning has enabled her to keep abreast with contemporary early years practices, policies and pedagogy. This vast experience is supported by a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
Originally from Melbourne, Florence’s positions include Early Years Co-ordinating, Preschool Teaching, Educational Leadership, Early Years consulting and a facilitator of early childhood professional development workshops. Florence is passionate about empowerment of early childhood team members through leadership, management, motivating, coaching and mentoring. 
Florence is known for her enthusiasm and ability to build and empower the future educators through high quality training being of the utmost importance. She has a joy for teaching educators about the endless wonders of ‘Land’ and ‘Country’ through Aboriginal Culture and Australian Heritage by embedding the Indigenous perspective of ‘Protecting and respecting People, Land, Animals and Water’.
Florence is committed to making a meaningful impact to help shape the emerging early childhood educators of the future. If you are willing to start your career in Australian’s early childhood education sector, Florence is an excellent resource for your training needs. She is dedicated to helping students achieve their professional goals and make a meaningful impact in the early chidlhood education sector.

Sherwin Sulla

Trainer and Assessor (Early Childhood Education and Care)

Sherwin has worked in the Early Childhood sector for 11 years, and recently began working in training and assessing.

Sherwin has worked in various Early Childhood settings, primarily as a Diploma qualified Room Leader, and educational leader.  He holds a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Philippines), an Advanced Diploma in Business Management, a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, as well as the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

With his experience working with children over the years, Sherwin is very excited with the opportunity to use his accumulated knowledge and skills to help guide our future early childhood educators.

Julia Ribera

ELICOS Teacher

Julia has enjoyed specialising in the ELICOS method and English language teaching. She is originally from Spain, and raised as a trilingual, speaking Catalan, Spanish and English. She has had the pleasure of sharing the classroom with both children and adults of many diverse cultures and backgrounds. For her, it is always a privilege to teach language at any level.

Her experience in Australia as a trainer, teacher and facilitator has been rewarding, especially helping the students achieve their goals. She has CERT IV in TESOL and a Bachelor in English Studies from the University of Lleida (UdL) in Spain. She has gained a broad knowledge of linguistics, literature, and the history and culture of all the English-speaking countries, including Australia.

Julia’s background has deepened her passion for languages and teaching, and she is always willing to transfer this love of language and culture to students. Her hobby is photography. She loves exploring the outdoors through the different lenses of her camera.

Geoffrey Hickey


Geoffrey Hickey has worked in the aviation industry for over 40 years as a pilot and captain of Boeing 747 and 777 aircraft. He has worked extensively in Australia, Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East. He has been a Captain with Emirates Airlines for ten years, Training Captain on B747 aircraft with China Airlines and his most recent position was with Qatar Airways as a Simulator Instructor and Examiner on the B777 aircraft.

Geoff has wide-ranging experience in managing long haul aircraft with a staff of over 20 and full capacity passengers of 400 or more. His leadership experience is extensive and he has managed staff during sometimes difficult situations. Geoff first commenced as a Pilot with Ansett Airways and has also been a flying instructor during his time in Australia.

Geoff comes on board as a consultant working closely with us to increase our capability, particularly in the aviation sector. Along with his experience, Geoff has also completed a Bachelor of Economics from Sydney University and is currently completing his training and assessing qualification.


The Alana Kaye team are supported by a number of highly experienced consultants in our Gold Coast and Darwin schools who work closely with us to facilitate the learning process for our students. These include consultants in First Aid, Advanced Business and Leadership and Management, Work Health and Safety and Early Childhood Education and Care. These consultants have extensive industry experience with high level qualifications to support this work experience. They provide training in both qualification and short course requirements for students and corporate clients.