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Security Courses Overview

The security industry is one with diverse opportunities. The industry provides an invaluable role in protecting the safety and wellbeing of client property and the public. There is also a large selection of working environments to choose from after you have your security licence and, once you have some general security experience, you will be able to focus on a certain area of specialisation if you wish. Whether you want to lead a team of front-of-house guards at a hotel or nightclub or work in sporting event security, there are many exciting options you can choose. Security guards are currently in high demand, and always will be. Many different situations and buildings require security guards, so by becoming one, you are making yourself employable by a whole range of companies, across multiple industries.

Security work can be very rewarding and make a difference to people’s lives. Often, the watchful presence of a security guard is enough to deter criminals and prevent incidents. It can also be a stepping stone into other service industries, including police or defence forces. Many of the skills you will develop during your training, and your subsequent work as a security guard or officer, will help with your conflict negotiation skills, risk identification abilities, defensive tactics and team work capabilities.

Cyber-Security is becoming increasingly important as cyber-attacks increase every year. As technology changes, businesses must too. Our business qualification provides elective units that begin this very important journey and will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to assist an organisation to combat this very real threat.

More and more businesses and individuals have realised that utilising drones across their operations can enhance their capabilities, expand their service offerings and increase commercial opportunities. Drones are increasingly becoming well known for their ability to increase safety and efficiencies, whilst reducing costs in comparison to traditional means of data capture.

Alana Kaye’s security course is developed with industry and is trained by experts who have years of experience in the security and services industries. Our training team have extensive experience in security work and policing at a national level and will pass many of these skills on to you.

Currently Offering the following Courses:


Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot)


Certificate II in Security Operations